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real-time Linux for the torque dimension phase.

Since micro mechanics gets to be more and much more essential as all products become smaller, there is certainly a need that is strong of engines, i.e. motors into the millimeter scale. You can suspect that the millimeter sized engine just isn’t a micro application, once the term “micro” indicates, nonetheless it makes technical components into the micrometer scale necessary. Finally, the peformance of these systems needs to somehow be assessed. This is exactly why the CTM, (Centre de Transfert des Microtechnique, Besancon, France) is having a evaluation phase so that you can characterize little moters with regards to their torque and energy usage and sometimes even other physical and time dependend values and properties.

Aside from the technical components and the electronic devices to operate a vehicle all elements, computer software is required to make information aquisition and control. Particularly, the strategy employed for this test bench make difficult real-time procedure necessary, considering that the control of the supply voltages for brushless micromotors is synchronized up to a master moter imposing a specific rotation rate to unit to be calculated by way of a coupling that is rigid. This means interrupts produced by way of a coder need to be addressed up to 80kHz to be able to production of a predefined voltage function each and every time.

An answer might be based in the real-time linux running system garantueeing a deterministic reaction of 4.5us at 120kHz interrupt price for a PentiumII/200. In specific, a real-time module is in control of data aquisistion taking and saving values to and from provided memory and communicating with the consumer room application in the shape of fifo buffers. Sigue leyendo